Friday, March 16, 2018

Greetings from the 1970s

Greetings from the 1970s. I was going through some old pictures and found one that I forgot about!! This was right before the Yes concert in 1978, I think. That would have put me at 18 or 19.
This was the longest my hair ever was. I had died it because I wanted to look like Jackson Browne--I was a huge fan. Shortly after that I got a perm because I wanted to be Roger Daltrey from the Who. The perm flopped, so I got the perm redone two days later. Then a lot of my hair broke off, or fell out. My hair was never the thick mop that it once was. (Can I get a do-over?)

I also found THIS--an old journal that I used to keep.In my move tears ago from Haskell to Tulsa I lost several spiral notebooks from a journal I started in 1975 my junior year in high school. This one I started sometime after I graduated. I had a brief start as a runner, although then, it was jogger.

This journal entry mentions my first run--a grand total of two miles. I would have been 19 here. I'll post another "jogging" entry or two in a future post.

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