Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Birthday to our friend Diana!!!!

Some awesome friends of ours, Mike and Diana Snyder were some of the first running friends we made when Dana and I started hanging out with RunnersWorld. The group was small then--maybe 20-25 regulars, and we became best buds. 

We ran with them every Tuesday and Thursday and most Saturdays, and afterward frequently feasted.

We vacationed with them in 2007--a week in Cali during Western States week. Mike and Diana for years wanted us to join them in Lake Okoboji in Iowa, but our hectic schedules never allowed it. 

I signed up and paced Diana to her first marathon finish in 2008. Johnny Spriggs and I carried signs to incite the crowds to hysteria cheering and applauding.

Mike joined the army not long after that and Diana stayed in Broken Arrow for a year or so. 

One night after a run, Mike made a surprise back home and shocked Diana showing up at the front door. We were in on the caper, and after a brief visit with Mike, we let them catch up.

They came back to Tulsa a couple times a year though, and our group would get together at Arizona Restaurant and stuff our faces and talk about old times and new. 

Mike recently brought it to our attention that SOMEONE is moving up an age group this week--the big 50!! We would love to be sitting on the beach drinking margaritas with them helping her celebrate. Maybe we'll crash their place soon.

YIKES, Diana--get the fire extinguisher after that cake!! Happy birthday from Dana and I. We'll show up at your doorstep when you least expect it. Love ya!!!!!

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