Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lake McMurtry recap

2017 marked the 19th running of the Lake McMurtry Trail Run NW of Stillwater, OK along the western shores of one of Oklahoma's most scenic lakes. My friend and ultra-running mentor Earl Blewett started and RD'd this race for 10 years starting in 1999 with the help of Chuck Streit. TATUR took over the management of the race in 2009 with me handling the RD duties.

Photo by Clint Green
Each year a few more people camp and some make it a long weekend of partying with a little race sandwiched in on Saturday. Cint showed up and helped me a little with setting things up and did a great job taking pictures during the race. This sunup is a classic sight at McMurtry--we had great weather to run in and the trailz were in perfect condition.  I also had some needed help from my sasquatch buddy RJ Chiles who helped me set up the Leap O' Doom.

Chrissy grabbed me and Arnold Begay just after we sent off the 50K early starters for a quick pic. Arnold, with the help of Jess Thornton, worked the Peninsula Aid Station on the north loop.

The 50K early starters had an hour head start, and then regular start took off at 8:00. The 50K was a small crowd compared to years past, but the 25K and 12K had big numbers.

                                            Drone video by Trey Nixon
Trey's video shows how amazing this small lake is. After the 25K was off, I took Trey and Angela out to the south aid station, and he took his drone and flew it back across the lake to the start line. Cool stuff.

The 25k and 50K had about 3/4 of a mile to get their legs loosened up to make the running jump across the deep chasm known as the Leap O' Doom. 
Photos by Clint Green
Along the way, we had signage with tips on leaping techniques, and historical information on the infamous chasm.

Photo by Laura Bower
JWe even had a public service warning to look out for creepers with cameras.

Photo by Clint Green

Just kidding. Clint was assigned this location for official picture taking.
The north loop featured over a mile of shoreline trailz.

Photo by Clint Green
These runners actually extended their distance by bypassing the Leap.

Photo by Clint Green
Meanwhile back at the start/finish aid station, Michelle Plate and Dana were holding down the fort and slinging the usual aid station stuff, including salted potatoes. 

Photo by Trey Nixon
On the south side of the lake, Jessy Deanna, Laurie Biby, Trey Nixon and Angela Childress had things running smoothly. All runners hit this stop twice, and the 50Kers go through four times. Trey evidently had his drone taking pics for this one.

And the awards!! Thanks to Susan MelonWestmoreland for her precision work lettering the geckos. 
Photo by Clint Green
12K women left to right: 1st place--Rachel Coulter, 2nd place--Debbie Murnan, 3rd place--Elizabeth Hubbard.

Photo by Clint Green
12K men right to left: 1st place--Clay Mayes, 2nd place--Garrett Morton, 3rd place--Kye Knapp.

Photo by Clint Green
25K women right to left: 1st Place--Hannah Robinson, 2nd place--Randi Lackey, 3rd place--Susan Roets.

Photo by Clint Green
25K men: Center-Michael Tupper--1st place, Left-Anthony Lounsbery--2nd place, Right-Chad Hetrick-3rd place. 

Photo by Clint Green
50K women right to left? Chrissy Whitten--1st place, Polly Choate--2nd place, Susan Roets--3rd place. 

Photo by Clint Green
50K men left to right: Dyan Allen--1st place, Richard Airey--2nd place, Yatika Fields--3rd place.

Full results can be found HERE.
Photo by Clint Green
Brandon finishes his 50K and snatches a cookie cake away from Clint. Brandon has been known to devour an entire cookie cake in one sitting--over 30000 calories. But hey--it was his birthday. He and his brother Cameron are up and coming contenders for the win in ultra races a few years from now. Watch out for them.

A shout-out to Chuck Streit. Chuck cooks up a mean batch of authentic jambalaya each year at this race, He also makes some killer vegetarian barley and lentil soup. Chuck is a do-all sort of guy and keeps things running smooth around the finish line. He also spends hours and hours maintaining the trailz at McMurtry.

Photo by Clint Green

William Barnes aka Dirty Sanchez had our bbq smoking since the night before the race. This slow cooked brisket and pulled pork (and ribs) were wondrous. I couldn't be around his smoker and be vegan.

Dana really had to pull some strings to get off work so she could be here for the race. But had she not been able to come, she still had hours of time put in prepping the aid station kits and organizing the post race feast. Her and  Susan Melon Westmoreland drove over early Saturday morning and were lifesavers for me. I had somehow gotten my Piriformis flared up, and could barely even walk toward the end of the day. They jumped in and did so much of the packing everything up after the race. There's no way i could have gotten everything loaded without them.

Anther attagirl to my friend Chrissy. She has been on a tear ever since she set her eyes on doing Pumpkin Holler for her first 100 (which she finished with flying colors.) Besides winning the 50K here, in the three weeks prior, she ran 24 miles in a 6-hour event and followed that with a 100 miler the next week, and then 65 miles in a 24-hour event the week after that. And she seemed to get stronger in every race. Yes, she did take a week off after winning the 50K here. ;-)

As I mentioned at the top, this was the 19th year for this race and my 9th year as RD. I'm excited to stay at the helm for the 20th running.

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