Monday, January 2, 2017

January 1

First post of the new year. I slept in, missed the Polar Bear Plunge cuz I slept in, but took the pups to run. I'm thinking of setting a lofty mileage goal for the year--2017 miles maybe?? I ended with 1321 for 2016 which was a little short of my vision for the year. But the one thing that was good is that while I set modest race goals, I finished what I started. 

A secondary goal is to run more with my dogs. They love going but are really more interested in smelling peeing spots and piles of poo. But sometimes they settle in and run like good trail dogs should. Today was one of those days. Let's call it the Barkley Dog Fair. They did not miss any sniff points.

We did a little loop on the blue trail, and then took on some of the Ho-Chi. 

Then we went north on the Millennium to the Spider, and headed across to Pepsi Pond. I planned on 3 miles for them, but we ended up with 4.6. They ran well, had their tails high in the air, and kept the smell stops to a minimum for the last couple of miles.

This shaky iPhone video is proof that a Go-Pro is a better tool for running videos. 

A third goal for the year is losing my holiday pounds. Roxie is lean and trim--able to leap over rocks and up on couches and beds in a graceful bound. Zeke is 108 pounds and needs to drop 15 so he looks slightly less like a grizzly bear. More exercise, more fun.

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