Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tatur's Osage Hills State Park Relatively Flat Trail Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K

July 17 you can be part of a unique race that has the distinction of having the longest name in trail racing history.
TATUR's Osage Hills State Park Relatively Flat Trail Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/5k.
The name is so long that you'll have to order Large or Extra Large shirts to get the whole name on it. 

The course may look confusing looking at this map, but it's really not to bad. Last year there was a little snafu on the blue and red trailz when a sign fell over, and as a result the course was a little short. Those who know me know that I NEVER have a SHORT course. So this year, I will make sure you all get your full mileage plus a little extra to make up for last year. (Kidding of course, but by correcting the boo boo from last year, the full circuit should be exactly 13.1 miles. You marathoners get to do it twice.

We had a good crowd last year, and I expect even more this year--but folks have been holding back on signing up. Come on guys--let's toss those hats in the ring.

You don't go much more than a half mile 'til you see Sand Creek Falls. This is the most photographed water fall in 5 counties. This is also a great place to soak your see after the race. On old indian legend says the water has magic healing powers, and can even turn a black toenail pink.

The sign say bluffs--and it ain't bluffing. You cross over the tops of bluffs twice in the first couple of miles. Get a picture, but don't stand too close to the edge.

Ok--the course is advertised as "relatively flat", and a runner asked me WHY WAS THERE A LOOKOUT TOWER? To which I answered What part of relatively do you not understand? "Relatively" is a blanket that covers up all the bumps in the roads, and those little 200 foot climbs. I'm considering putting an aid station either in or right near the tower, if I get the man power (or girl power) to have it staffed.

There's also a little crowd support here. Squirrels, Armadillos, Deer, Possum, Raccoon, and an occasional Slithersaurus will keep it interesting. I will try to collect all the ticks and chiggers from the trailz, but you might consider some buggie spray just in case.

This old bridge is 90 years old, and a work of art. They don't build 'em like that anymore.

So somebody sent me this course elevation. I like it. See--other than a couple little bumps in the road, it's a pancake.

Looks a lot like this elevation profile don't you think?

Osage Hills State Park is around 60 miles north and west of Tulsa--between Bartlesville and Pawhuska on HWY 60. 

There'll be tri-blend shirt for all runners and volunteers, medals for all finishers, trophies for the top 3 men and women in each race, and age group awards. 

PLUS: this may end up being a small race which means you Oklahoma Dirt Trail Series peeps have a good chance of racking up some BONUS POINTS!!

CLICK HERE to sign up. Don't you even think of missing it!!

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