Sunday, June 5, 2016

Collinsville Lake

Dana and I ran at the new Collinsville Lake trailz. These trailz were only established a few months ago, and are scenic, and fun.
We clocked 2.8 miles by running the out and back around the lake to thew single track, and then the 2.2-ish mile loop with lots of twists and turns. There was 61 feet of climb on the 2.8 miles we ran, although it seemed like there might have been more than that.

From where we parked, we had a narrow gravel road that took us around the biggest body of water in this cluster of small lakes.

This was pancake flat (as opposed to Relatively Flat). We went about a half mile before entering the single track section.

After crossing the levee to the east side we began a short climb. I snapped a couple of shots of a large bluffs, and noticed a faint trail leading up the side, but did not follow it.

A right turn onto a nice newly cut dirt trail took to a trail flanked by a steep rock wall on the left and the shore of the lake down to our right.

Didn't check out this crevice. Figured snakes and ticks were there laying in wait for me.

Being a new trail, it was narrow in spots. I stopped to pee just right ahead in the trees, but still on the trail. I noticed a tick crawling up my leg, picked it off, them saw another. And another. Then a dozen more seed ticks scurrying up my shoes and socks. I kept picking them off, and didn't stop till I had what I thought was all of them. 42 ticks disposed of and dropped into a puddle. Hope those bastards drown.

Here's a random sight--a crapper just 10' off the trail. Poison ivy, ticks, and chiggers are ready for an ambush.

The remains of a well house, a rock outhouse, a tornado shelter?

More sweet single track.

We really liked the trailz here, and will be back. I may wait until we have colder temps to keep the ticks in hibernation. For sure, I'll load up with Deet if I go sooner.

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