Monday, March 7, 2016

Post Oak at the TATUR Cantina

I suppose I'm a little late in posting about our time at the Post Oak Challenge a few weeks ago, but I have quite a few pictures, and will post them and throw in a few captions. I ran this race the first year--did the 50K/Marathon double. Since then, I have either volunteered, or ran an aid station. It's a run race to be on the other side of the table. It seems there's a lot of first-time trail runners, and I enjoy helping making their introduction to trailz as good as it can be. It also gives me a chance to talk up some of the races that I direct.

I did not take as many pictures as usual this year. I was busy slinging drinks, transporting food, and visiting with friends as they passed through. Johnna hung out at our aid station for some of the time, but also had course marshall duties, and she got a few pictures which I'm borrowing. This is the tail end of the 50K start. These runners had 4 loops to do, and a couple of nice hills per loop top deal with on an otherwise relatively flat course.

We were the last oasis on the loop, and were just before the Hill From Hell--a menacing climb, but in my opinion, only tough because you had to do it four times in the longer races. It's all relative.

Senmor Mike Rives had the TATUR Cantina up and running. We had breakfast drinks--a Meego-Mosa--a mimosa with a twist, and other drinks concocted to enhance a runners performance. Mike and Meego are famous in Oklahoma trail running circles.

The TATUR Cantina was a hit. It was lauded as the best aid station, although Stormy and the Snowman took it to an international level with a German/Swiss themed crew. 

They graciously sent some grilled brats to us, and those were well received!~!~!

We had a western theme going. Mike was a Scotsman from the West Highlands, who won a sombrero from a drunk Mexican in a card game.

As I said, we were super busy all day, with the mid distances hitting us twice, and the long distances 4 times. Only late in the day did did we ever have time to sit and catch our breath.

We decided a mechanical bull might get a runner injured so Lynna brought a saddle. Meego immediately claimed it as his, but he did let a few runners pose with him for pictures.

Leaha and Jenni stop for a drink and a kodak moment.

Jamie was determined to rid it to the top of the hill. She eventually climbed down and conquered the hill on foot.

Clint stops for a refill. He's sporting the new TATUR shirts--a Sugoi sublimated design, which was brought back by rabid demand. I counted over 20 of them at the race. 

Taylor was an aid station dog. She kinda kept to herself. Not sure how much aid station food she got.

Suki was running with her person William. They did the 25K and half marathon. She's a doggie doubler.

The next series of pictures are a display of art.
Jbob cooked on the griddle on Saturday, and Travis was the chef on Sunday. Bacon is an absolute staple food in ultras anymore. Throw in an egg, and avocado, and it's heaven. He cooked for hours, barely staying up with the demand. I have tom admit, I did random taste testing, and there was no drop off in quality.
Pickles and pickle juice were also in high demand. Chocolate covered bacon wrapped fried pickles--coming to a race soon!!

Victor blazes through. It seemed like every time we turned around, he was there again. He won the 50K, and was 3rd in the marathon. 

Carrie and Jamie celebrate the moment--someone wants to take a picture!~!~!

Must be late in the race. I don't think I had a stand-still moment up til now.

Not sure who brought the hammock, but it was put to good use. Several peeps napped in it.

OK OK--I had a couple of shots.

Jeremy fought the cutoffs, and yet got his finishes in both days. Rumor has it he's thinking about jumping back into the 100 mile quest.

The future of Oklahoma trail running all on a tailgate. Brandon and Cameron Plate, who are just a few years away from probably winning every race they enter. Right on their tails are Wade and Blake Bement.

Another picture borrowed from Johnna. Post oak has dense woods, and open grasslands. The combination of both are what makes this a good course.

Finally, I got in a little run after the race Sunday was over. This is from the top of Holmes Peak.

Thanks to my awesome generous volunteers. Mike Rives, Jbob Jones, Travis and Shorty Jennings, Johnna Ellison, Carrie Rives, Mitch Drummond, Lynna Gilstrap, Michelle Bates, Kate Ellisor, Elizabeth Gray, RJ Chiles, Carmine Capparello, and I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Put this race on your calendar for next year. It's a winner.

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