Saturday, September 12, 2015

Meet Roxie and Zeke

A post of the new member. of our family is overdue. Meet Roxie and Zeke. We got Roxie August 9th. She is half Great Pyrenees and half Chocolate Lab--a Labranees! She is a sweetheart, but has an ornery streak that keeps things lively around here. We found her on Craig's List in Stroud. A family brought her to a specified location in Stroud (McDonald's) and we knew she belonged to us the moment we saw her. 
 The owners had said she might have a few ticks, and we found several on the hour drive back to Tulsa. Upon getting home, we had our friend Susan Westmoreland come by to see her, and Roxie's transformation began.
 She was no fan of baths, and still is not. But after a 4-step bathing process, we began a thoirough search for ticks. They were hard to see in her black fur, but just about any place you looked, there were several. Between her toes and way up in her feet were a hundred or so--many fully engorged and hatching baby seed ticks. Dana and Susan picked ticks for 3 1/2 hours, and Dana went over her a few more times the next day finding close to a hundred each time. We took her to our vet the following Monday and we got her a dose of Next Guard as well as her first round of shots. Whatever ticks we had missed died and fell off. She is tick and itch free now, and happy and mischievous.

A week later, Zeke joined our family. He is an AKC Chocolate Lab and comes from a long line of hunting dogs. I doubt we'll ever have him out duck hunting, but he'll find his roll in life as a trail runner. He is about a month younger than Roxie, and she outweighed him by 4 lbs when we got him.
 They were instantly friends. They romp and tear, wrestle, and chase each other, and help each other get into all kinds of trouble. We'll sit them down and explain why they shouldn't chew on the kitchen cabinets, chase the cats, carry off my shoes, and they pay attention and cock their heads like they fully understand--I think they understand more than people give them credit for. But they are still busy puppies--and so much fun.

 When they're not using my shoe laces or arms for teething, they cuddle up like lap dogs. At 12 lbs, this works. At 92 lbs it may be a bit uncomfortable.

 This is Zeke's first doctor visit (since we've had him.) Roxie also came since she had a sore foot. (I accidentally stepped on her paw!)
Zeke got his round of shots, and Roxie got a laser treatment. A couple  days later and she was the rowdy romper again.

I never thought I would sleep with dogs. That was just a flat NO for me. But these guys whimpered, and seemed to settle right down in bed. They never had an accident in bed, but we do occasionally have to get up to take them out for a 2:00 am pee.
 This is a queen size bed. Yes, we are shopping for a bigger bed.
 How could you tell this guy he has to sleep on the floor?

 Zeke and Roxie do stay outside some of the time. Roxie has taken over one of our lawn chairs. She did not see the need for the cup holder and is making the necessary alterations to her chair.

 Zeke is happy to be a lap pup when we sit out in the yard with them. Now, 4 weeks later, Zeke outweighs Roxie by a pound. Roxie is taller and more agile, but he is a freight train. Most of their day is spent chasing and wrestling, chewing and swiping chew toys, eating and sleeping.

 The Trail Twosome has had two trail sessions on Turkey Mountain. It was new-smell-overload for them--especially Roxie. Zeke had moments where he was leading us like a trail boss. He led us in tow with his leash like he knew just where he was going--until a new smell was detected. I predict they will be addicted to trail running soon, but for now, we are mostly just walking.

 We drive from the house even though we live close. Crossing Elwood with them on leash might be a little dangerous. Plus, they are only going a half mile or so at a time.

 A good nap follows their trail adventures. They play hard and sleep hard.

Dana has really worked with them with their tricks. They know Sit, Shake, Stay, and have just about mastered Down (where they lay on the floor.) We are also working on Rollover. The dog biscuit on the nose thing--I dunno if they'll get that.

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  1. A couple of fine dogs TZ. They look like they have taken over. I guess the one had a few ticks!!!