Thursday, August 13, 2015

Warrior Princess Angel Run

Last Saturday was the final running of the Warrior Princess Angel Run. This race is ran in memory of Michael and Chrissy Whitten's daughter, who was diagnosed with T18 chromosomal disease and lived 103 days before getting her angel wings. Proceeds from the race went to families with children with T18 and T13 chromosomal disease to provide assistance, support, and resources needed.

This race was ran at Chandler Park and was a 1.03 mile out-and-back with a couple of loops thrown in through the labyrinth of boulders and bluffs at Chandler Park--a mecca for rock climbing enthusiasts.

A good crowd of 70-80 runners tackled the endeavor on this warm muggy morning. There was also a 1.03 mile fun run.

Chrissy and I designed the course which had a little of everything: some grassy fields, some flat sections, some steep inclines, and lots of rocks.

Chandler Park is a real gem in Tulsa, with about a mile of rugged trailz through the boulder area, and many more miles of single track and double track trailz to the south and west of the park.

I started near the back of the pack, expecting no more than 5.15 miles in these 103 minutes.

No one got lost really bad, but a few people did miss a turn here and there. Gotta read the signs.

My first two laps were ran at a lazy jog/shuffle pace, and the third loop, I slowed it down even more and took a few pictures.

Arnold Begay was the man behind the horn. It sounded like a wounded moose.

Little Wade Bement shifts into 4-wheel drive over one of the rocky sections. This was Wade's official race, and he belted out three laps before calling it a day.

I had just under 30 minutes left after three lapps--too much to get in two more based on how I was feeling and running. I teamed up with Jason Bement, and we basically walked the last loop. My friend Jeremy Wiley, who was pacing his daughter Gracie joined us since Gracie had decided three laps was enough. Jeremy, upon my dare, decided to hit it hard and try for two more laps in the 29 remaining minutes. He took off like a shot, and knocked out two more and finished with seconds to spare.

Near the end of the loop, the Leap of Faith had to be crossed. It was a 2' wide crevice that had a 15-20 foot drop should you lose your footing and fall. It was a good photo op, and Rafael Santiago was perched with a camera shooting leaps. It has been said that with a green shirt, I'd be a dead ringer for a leprechaun.

Krystal Brown won the women's race with 7 laps in 1:40. Jana Graham was second with 6 laps in 1:30. Kretis Bliss was third with 5 laps in 1:28.

Ryan Jennings won the men's race with 9 laps in 1:37. Travis Jennings was second also with 9 laps in 1:41. Cameron Plate was third with 9 laps in 1:42.

Chrissy did a great job with the trophies. I did a not-so good job photographing them.

I ended up with 4 laps 4 laps in 1:35, which in the initial results put me in 10th place. But I noticed a missing runner who finished 5th, so with the corrected results, I finished 11th. It's all good.

What's next for Chrissy--she's c omitted to running 103 miles, and is shooting for Pumpkin Holler in 2016.

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