Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Come play in the creek. Mooser Creek. Join us at the Westside Y this Saturday.

This Saturday, you have an opportunity to do something you've probably never done before. It's a clean-up day sponsored by the Westside YMCA and Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition. The turnout for past clean up days at Turkey Mountain has been phenomenal with truckloads of litter and debris removed from our beloved trailz. But this Saturday, it's different. We get to clean up a creek.

Mooser Creek runs along the northern boundary of Turkey Mountain, and alongside the YMCA. It's a beautiful creek, and many if not most of the trail users do not even know it's there. Sadly, there is a fair amount of trash dumped in and along the banks of this beautiful stream.

Mooser Creek is unique in the Tulsa Area, in that it is the only free flowing stream that is not altered by flood control plans. It flows unobstructed, almost like it has for thousands of years. Most creeks in Oklahoma are muddy--not at all clear, but this water is clear enough to see the bottom, to see every perch and minnow as they dart around.

It's Jake's favorite place for a swim, and I prefer him taking a dip here over the Turkey Mountain ponds as he doesn't automatically need a bath after a run. He'll drink Mooser Creek water whereas he turns up his nose at pond water. (Can't say that I blame him.)

This picture is downstream from the YMCA, past the Pepsi Bridge. I think there should be a loop trail to this vista. Maybe we can make that happen.

I'd love to see a good turnout for this clean up day. Wear shorts and old running shoes that you won't mind getting wet. Come play in the creek, pick up a little debris, take some pictures, and tell everyone how beautiful it is. Turkey Mountain is our treasure, and this is one of the most brilliant gems in the wilderness.

This Saturday morning the party starts at 9:00 am at the Westside YMCA Pole Barn. Join us!!

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