Sunday, March 1, 2015

Turkey in the snow Part ?

Poor Jake had cabin fever, and actually, I needed some trail time too. After I got home this afternoon, Jake and I headed to Turkey Mountain for a few miles.
Any hope of running on virgin snow was lost. There had been a Fleet Feet race here, and the snow was well packed on the main routes.

Still, the woods were beautiful. Footing was good. Temps were about 34°, and the sounds of the crunch crunch crunch was complimented by song birds. WOW!

I actually saw a couple of cardinals in the woods--ones that no doubt had eaten breakfast at my house. See picture below.
This was taken yesterday, but is an everyday occurrence. Dana keeps the bird feeder full, and some of the birds are so plump I wonder if it affects their flying.

I was not really running. I had jeans and hiking boots, so it was more of a hike/trek, and took about 50 pictures,

Jake got in probably 4 miles running ahead and back, probably wondering why the heck I wasn't running.

Here's a random shot. My guess is this will be gone tomorrow.

We ended up at the overlook on the Ho-Chi, and turned back from there. About 50 yards from the parking lot, there was a photo-session. A dude with a pretty nice camera was photographing a beautiful brunette in a blue evening gown. she was sitting on a low limb in a tree with a snowy backdrop. I started to take a picture myself, but decided that might seem a bit creepy.

We ended up with 2.4 miles total. Never broke a sweat. Boots were cleaner than they were when I put them on. I'm thinking about running again.

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  1. Even I might not have taken the shot and I love taking pictures of people taking pictures.