Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My trail sensor was in action today

Today, I was driving from west of Oolagah tp north of Skiatook via county roads, and had a change of plans about halfway to nowhere. The plans scrapped the SKiatook stop, and I needed to head back to Owasso to meet my son who was doing the final buts of fixem-up stuff to the house they are selling. There was no hurry, so I turned south then east then south then east--whichever road looked the most interesting and figured I would eventually get to one of the highways leading somewhere I needed to go.

I chose to ignore a dead end sign at one point because--well, the road was inviting. The end of the road was a few miles from the sign, making me want to find the end all the more. Drivinhg down a narrow two lane road (or maybe a wide one lane road--could not tell) I caught what looked like a trail out of the corner of my eye. I threw the ford into reverse, and sure enough--this WAS a trail.

There were no POSTED NO TRESPASSING signs, so I actually had a clear conscience prodding along. Covered with leaves, it was obvious that these were not frequently traveled, but of course I had to know where and how far they went.

The "why" for these trailz was found in this tree. The ladder gave access to a tree stand where hunters sat and waited for deer. I used to hunt deer--like 35 tears ago, but it's just not my thing now. But trail runners and hunters do have the love of the woods in common.

I think this chair has been here for a long long time. One with a vivid imagination could read this sight a lot of ways. Was this an act of aggression by the tree? Or was this an embrace by the tree? I will return in 10 years to look again.

The trail led to a small beaver pond.

And construction was still ongoing. From here, the trailz in each direction  were dead ends, so I headed back. 

As is always my obsession, tall trees combined with blue sky and the sun means I HAVE to take a picture. Sorry.

Getting back to my truck, I had made a 1.2 mile round trip--not enough to make this a return destination (except in 10 years when I revisit the chair in the tree.) I suppose one could combine some road running alongside this oxbow lake. 

It sure looked like there was a dirt road along the shore on the other side, but I did see several NO TRESPASSING signs between the road and the lake. :-/ Another time perhaps.

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