Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Uninformed comments

Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition  delivered a petition to City Hall today with 6500 signatures and comments against the proposed Simon Outlet Mall being built on the 60 acre plot of land at 61st and HWY 75. This land, referred to as part of Turkey Mountain by local mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, horseback riders, and area residents is actually privately owned land, The owner has allowed use of trails across the property which connects the RiverParks property with trails on the YMCA property. Area runners and bikers have held clean up days on this property over the years, and have been good stewards, treating it as if it were their own. 

This story from KJRH Channel 2 says essentially the same as KTUL, KOTV, and Fox 23. 
KJRH also posted this video on their Facebook page along with this question: Are you for or against the proposed west Tulsa development? 

Taking out the long argument from some moron who tried to bring up Turkey Mountain being a gay hangout and the arguments back and forth--there were 83 people AGAINST the mall, and 26 For the mall.

Some of the comments by the pro-mall people: 

"The land is privately owned and Turkey Mountain was bought by the Kaiser foundation to keep it as a wildlife refuge for hikers and animals. People just want to gripe about anything and everything. Tulsa Hills has been a great success and it's relieved some of the congestion at Woodland Hills Mall. Bring on the out let mall can't wait for it to be built up and running and putting people to work."

Blah blah blah. ANYONE who has followed this story knows the land is privately owned. Kaiser did indeed buy a large amount of land between the Riverparks land and the proposed mall site and intends to keep it wild. Putting this mall next door to existing wild area, as well as paving 60 acres of wild area is devastating to this wilderness. And the mention of congestion?? This mall brings with it the worst traffic problems the sity has ever seen. Already, thousands of commuters bypass Tulsa Hills and speed down 61st Street and Elwood. Throw in this outlet mall and the two lane bridge over HWY 75, and this will be a major bottle-neck. This is a very sensitive issue to me, as I live in the neighborhood just west of the Turkey Mountain parking lot, and have to deal with traffic that has tripled since Tulsa Hills was built..

"Totally FOR it. Turkey Mountain is going to be just fine. The Kaiser Foundation purchased the land around the proposed outlet mall to prevent expansion, which means the true Turkey Mountain area will stayed preserved."

 How does paving 60 acres preserve the YMCA property downhill and downstream? And how does the added noise from the mall and 75  not affect the wildlife 100 yards away?

"Oklahoma is full of nature all over and whatever animals that are living there will probably just relocate, as most animals would do when they realize an invasion has begun. Yes we need animals to a certain extent but Tulsa needs more jobs. They're so worried about animals and their habitats but honestly I'm more worried about the people I see on the streets who are willing to work and families struggling to stay afloat. West Tulsa really needs it and I'm not a part of a "coalition" or group but i sure would sign something that's all for building it!"
 Okay--all the deer need to vacate this property and head to the wild area west of Sand Springs. REALLY? The relocation will be most visible as road kill.
 I think it also would COST a lot of people their jobs. AN outlet mall would put the squeeze on many of the businesses in Tulsa Hills. When these stores go out of business because of over-satuation, will you also feel sorry for them?

"Urban wilderness? Urban wildermess if you ask me... mountain bikes have eroded the trails so badly that the trees' roots are exposed. Wilderness areas are limited to foot traffic usually. Calling Turkey Mountain Park a wilderness is laughable."  

 There is so much you need to learn. There are schools who bring their classes here to study wildlife. There are eagles, snails, beetles, and a variety of opther animals worth protecting. Yes, the trails are well travelled in places, and there are bike groups who spend hours several times a year maintaining and  preserving these trails.   

"I am, most certainly, all for keeping Turkey Mountain as it is. That being said, have they changed the location of where the, proposed, outlet mall will be? Because, when I first saw the article, I thought it was where TM is, but it's actually not...it wouldn't touch TM at all."

 Clearly there needs to be some education, informing, enlightening. I am betting that the majority of the people favoring the mall and being smart-assed about it have never set foot on the trails deep in the woods at Turkey Mountain. There was a time when I might have been one of them. Spending hours roaming the hills in this enchanted woodland, I have come to love it. It has become a part of me.

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  1. More education is needed we will always have idiots.