Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 mile dayz

Lately all I have felt like doing is 5 milers at Turkey. I dream of running 20-25 milers on awesome trailz I've never been to, finding new wonderlands within an hours drive of me--but I have just been to lazy and unmotivated to go.

Five miles is better than no miles though. Stack a few 5 milers in a week, and a 20 mile week is decent enough training to maintain whatever meager flicker of endurance I might have. The upward heat (yeck!) and the unexpected rains (yeah!) result in sickening humidity (bletchch!!) That explains a lot. Picture taking has been decent though. 

There's often something new to see on the trail. A new teepee just down-creek from Pepsi Lake. Not sure if someone lives there--and what an awful place to put it. Not far from there, I found something that might seem out of place, but to trail runners--they know EXACTLY what this is. 
Ya best not pick it up!!

I guess I can call my slump a taper--again. I do have Dizzy Goat coming up in two weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, leave those lone socks alone.

    20 miles per week is pretty good my friend.