Monday, May 12, 2014

3-Days to 100K Preview

The second annual 3-Days to 100K is this weekend. What is 3-Days to 100K and what the heck is 100K you ask? Well, for a start--it's a stage race that is held over 3 days. 100K is 62 miles. The distances each day are 25K (Friday night) 50K (all day Saturday, and then 25K on Sunday morning. Stage one is the same as last year--a fast paved track from NSU in Broken Arrow on the Creek Turnpike trail. It is hilly, but going east to west it's a little more downhill than up, with the last 2 miles being nearly all downhill. A lot of strategy is involved in doing a three day event. Do you run balls to the wall the first day and risk being wiped out for day two? A logical mind would say no. But a gutsy runner would take away a win by gunning it on Friday night.

Day two is on some private land north and east of Skiatook. Kathy and I spent Monday pre-marking the course, and it is a gem. I took a few pictures along the way. I refrained from taking any pix of the devilish hills--I wanted everyone to meet them head on and enjoy the lumbering climbs as much as I did. I love me sum hills, and I am lovestruck! The course is ORV trailz, and most are well maintained and will be impeccably marked.

There are lots of little ups and downs. Yes, you will have do duck under a few low lying trees.

You'll run by three beautiful ponds. There should be snakes on the course--but we did not see any.

I did collect a few ticks. TZ logic says ticks are more likely to hitch a ride on hairy legs, and as they lay waiting for a meal to run by, most of the fast runners will knock them from their perch so us mid-pack and back-of-the packers should be less likely to get ticks. Bug spray would be a good idea.

The Day-2 leg could be called the Creek Crossing 50K. We crossed a meandering creek several times. Only once did I get my feet wet, and it was more because I am clumsy. But if it happened to rain on race day, there would be a lot of wet feet.

There will be aid stations as mile 4 (on the trail loop), and mile 6.5, and at mile 10. There is also a gravel road out-and-back which will have aid stations as well.

This pic is from last year. Day-2 had cows. This year is no different. They are sometimes nosey, but they kept to themselves. I actually think they are entertained by us crazy runners. Today, one bull followed me around at a distance, moaning what sounded like a mating ritual. I think he loved me. Could have been my bright red Snake Run shirt.

This is the creek that we'll see all day long--but we don't have to wade through stuff like this--unless it rains a LOT. As always, follow the pink ribbons, pay attention to the signs and arrows, and don't cross caution tape.

I have the dubious honor of being the course sweeper. This is a very fitting position for me, since I am on the comeback trail. I will be the last runner, and will keep an eye on the fellow back-of-the-packers, and will be pulling course markings on the last loop. I am gonna have so much fun, and if you're hanging back with me, it's gonna be a party.

Day-3 will be at Walnut Creek State Park on Lake Keystone. These are mostly equestrian trailz, with a little single track thrown in. I visited these trailz about 10 years ago when I was a new trail runner, and have never been back. :-( I am stoked to see what all there is here, and will add this trail system to

If it's warm/hot on Sunday, bring your swim suit and take a dip. No nekkid swimming, although I won't tell. From what I hear, there are showers there as well.

There will be a BIG cookout after the race, and some awesome awards given after the last finisher (me) comes in. After three days of running--if you're not already--I bet you're gonna be hooked on this trail running thing.

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